La Vie En Pictures & Videos

...Ack! So much has happened! I finished up a great spring semester at Indiana University with A's and one B+. Fortunately, saw one the best bands in the universe, 'Of Montreal' accompanied by my super awesome niece.

Then I packed up a bag to fly out to Vegas to celebrate with some good friends at their combined bachelor/bachelorette party. The Cirque du Soleil, Beatles "Love" show... 'twas extraordinary!

I even took notes in the dark while watching the performance in order to recall details later. I elbowed the couple next to me to share Eleanor Rigby is/was/always will be one of my most favoritest songs. In short, the show was an unforgettable, mega-sensory, overloading-experience! <---how's that for adjectives?

After Vegas, I set sail for beautiful Nor-Cal...specifically Alameda, California (my new home!)- decided to move (see video). No mo' col' bone chilling Chicago/Northwest Indiana winters. You hear that ole man winter?! ::shaking fist:: No mo' frozen toes for this schmoe...unless adventure beckons us to ski or climb Everest soon or unless some crazy sci-fi thing happens here (warm toes and fingers crossed whilst knocking on faux wooden desk).

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