Top O' The Mornin' To Yas!

And a Happy November to all!
The Shining'Tis Wednesday, although it feels like Monday! I woke up early to score Ricky & I some tickets to see Norm Macdonald in Hammond *drumroll* $125 per seat! Yikes! Sure he's great, but that's insanely steep. Thank you for reading my deep thoughts. Har har. Coffee, work, class, gym here I come. -G


Ricky said...

I can get my norm fix without paying. So come on over and I'll show you the best Norm Clips off youtube and I'll even track down the ol' Norm show sitcom.

Anonymous said...

Some more Norm for ya:

''I remember when pot, was something you cooked your eggs in.''

''I remember-I-I remember when hash, was something you -you made out of corned beef.''

''I remember-I remember when-I remember when acid, was something ya-ya threw in a guy's face when he made a pass at your wife.''

''I remember-I remember ecstasy when it was-when it was just the feeling you had, when you threw that vial of acid in the guy's face.''

Your welcome =)

(@ @)