Halloween Costume #1- Worn!

Friday night my Mom hosted a Halloween fundraiser for the kids. I got to break out my ipod as i debuted as Candy Corn*. (Or a furniture duster, according to Ricky) Also my poor digital camera stopped working! *Sniff.. she was so young! In fact- not even a year old. Granted it's a total bummer and the worst timing, but you know what? My adorable BFF went as the Incredible Hulk in her ultra-crafty homemade costume. We danced, we served drinks. The kids were so cute. We saw the cutest little chinese girl dressed as Mulan! She should have worn that costume contest, hands down. Shenanigans. ...And of course I passed out candy corn. Everything was cool except the wig! It wouldn't stay on my dome.I'm already in Chun Li mode for Matt's Werewolf Bat Mitzvah.
Hmmm..what to bring to a Werewolf Bat Mitzvah?

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