\(^∀^) Happy Halloween! (^∀^)ノ

Some Ole Favorite Halloween Films...
"Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster!"
2.☆ THE WITCHES ☆... gave me nightmares for years!

3. ☆ THE THING ☆... "I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off-whatever it is."

4. ♡ Zombie Nightmare ♡ of the funniest MST3K episodes with a soundtrack by Motörhead and Tia Carrere.


Curse you, Modcloth! (Not Really)

Me thinks I need a third job to support this habit. (  ゚_ゝ゚) *Le sigh.


Costume #2? Check!

Whoa---Somehow of all the sweet costumes I won 3rd place dressed as a Shark Attack yesterday eve! :-) Fotographias to come. Delay due to my broken camera... *sniffle. At least there's the good ole' memory bank for now.
Happy Halloweekend everyone!


Halloween Costume #1- Worn!

Friday night my Mom hosted a Halloween fundraiser for the kids. I got to break out my ipod as i debuted as Candy Corn*. (Or a furniture duster, according to Ricky) Also my poor digital camera stopped working! *Sniff.. she was so young! In fact- not even a year old. Granted it's a total bummer and the worst timing, but you know what? My adorable BFF went as the Incredible Hulk in her ultra-crafty homemade costume. We danced, we served drinks. The kids were so cute. We saw the cutest little chinese girl dressed as Mulan! She should have worn that costume contest, hands down. Shenanigans. ...And of course I passed out candy corn. Everything was cool except the wig! It wouldn't stay on my dome.I'm already in Chun Li mode for Matt's Werewolf Bat Mitzvah.
Hmmm..what to bring to a Werewolf Bat Mitzvah?


Prep for Halloweekend

Between two jobs, school, jury duty, and the shop- I'm keeping my halloween options flexible. Who or what should I go as: Chun Li, a shark attack, or candy corn?Decisions, decisions.


~Sweetest Day~

I'm cheesin' 'cause I just received a special delivery from one of my very sweetest friends. Thank you so much! I've always wanted one of these! Seriously! It *was* obnoxiously huge (teeheeheh it's getting smaller and smaller by the hour) and unbelievably delicious. A hundred thank yous from my heart & stomach! Nom, nom, nom.


UP-D8 no. 427411

Voilà! Thursday's Pictograph...
Translation: Look! I'm still sick, but here's the beginning of a painting. It's a self portrait of yours truly as a marshmallow roasting in a bonfire. Eh- the marshmallow's me, the bonfire's the fever. Drink lots of tea & stay healthy!


SARs? Influenza? Swine Flu?

So it's most probable that I've been infected with the flu or strep throat. The only cure for that is a 1 part watching The Burbs, 2 parts soup, 3 parts Hot Toddy.



It's soooo GORGEOUS outside! Go for a nice drive!


(。・_・。) More Pumpkin, Please.

...pumpkin pie blizzards, pumpkin beer, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin mimosas, pumpkin juice, pumpkin ravioli...We interrupt this very important pumpkin message to announce my discovery of the incredibly talented illustrator, Brendan Wenzel.

He's great, is he not? I'm inspired.


Roadtrip: Southwest Michigan

Michigan was amazing! Not only did they have damn good food...
There were robodogs (white fuzzy ones too).
...several wineries + one round barn brewery/winery and great company.


Die Art Ist Nicht Tot

Some mo' neat art from my inspiration folder.


Happy October!

Gasp! Where the heck did September go?

October is absolutely my FAVORITE month of the year. I love the weather, bonfires, harvest festivals, the leaves changing, camping, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie blizzards, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie oatmeal, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin decorating contests (deep breath)... oh and Halloween of course.