Roadtrip Plans In Motion!

I never knew there were several wineries 45 only minutes away. Craziness! Can't wait to head out tomorrow morning.


Matt & Kim Show

We celebrated my awesome niece's 16th birthday by going to a show of her choice @ one of the best venues in the city. Thank bejezus she has such good taste in music. We went to go to see Matt & Kim at the Metro! I've been hoping to see them for the past 2 years. Could you imagine trying to enjoy a Nickelback concert or whatever else the kids are listening to these days? Heeheehee.
It was was super fun and an ultra-colorful show. Matt & Kim genuinely enjoy making music together & performing. There's a feel-good contagious energy they have. Some video of the show is up on facebook and photos on flickr too.


I just blogged to say...

STICK 'EM UP! Eh, not really. I only blogged to say "hello."


Hot Air

AAAHHH!!! Only six days left before our boutique art booth opens.♪Dun dun dun♪ My Mom & I just got back from the Scissor Sisters show @ the Riviera. It was insanely hot- as in temperature wise...almost like being in a giant armpit! Nevertheless- 'twas a good time. Good night! zz...zzz...zz...z.


Da Bears!

Guess who landed a sweet supervisor position at Soldier Field today?! (I also started school this eve).... :-D!!!