Rickles Turns 23 Today!

We're waking up at the crack of 9 to see:
Expendables! TESTOSTERONNNNNNNNEEEE! Ha ha, kicking off his birthday right and then we'll probably go bench some after consuming raw egg shakes & shredded wheat. Then later on the evening 9-ish, all are invited to come have cake and some 'scream, but try to make sure you get there before Brenda does!

Hope to see you there! <3 M.G.



Back To School

After nice four year break, I've decided it's back to school for me. I've officially enrolled and have my class schedule onhand. It'll probably be a tad bit bizarre being in classes full of spring chickens, but I'm thrilled!


Get That Corn Outta My Face!

Four score and five minutes ago, my BFF presented me with my very own Nacho Libre shoes. She really puts the "B" in "BFF", maeng. And I can't wait to wear these super fun shoes! I'm also working on a mega post in order to make up for last month's neglect, my dear blog-o-sphere. <3 Always! >_< - M.G.

***Not So Megalo***

Hello and Happy August! WHOA! It's already August? It is pretty clear that I've fallen off the bloggin' wagon.
Just when I was complaining about bands skipping Chicago, I received a reminder e-mail of several upcoming shows this month. What timing & what a relief! I haven't been to a single show yet this summer until this week :-D. Scissor Sisters with Casey Spooner, Primus, LCD Soundsystem, Maybe a Built To Spill show, and Chromeo. ;-D. See you there?