Word To Ya Mutha

( ゚▽゚) Happy Mother's Day, to all you(r) Moms, but especially mine. Our celebration included Ricky's homecoming, spaghetti, and some pretty serious salsa dancing Friday night. We even entered in a dance competition.The intensity of the eve is indicative by the unsightly condition of my feetskis. Each toe is adorned with a blister & the big toes look like skinned tomatoes. Saturday, I scoured every retail store in the area in search of the Eurythmics: Touch album to no avail. I ended up downloading it & doodling up the album cover art, 'cause my printer just didn't feel like working.Speaking of working, tomorrow is my first day at my new job...dun dun dun. In closing, here's important message brought to yous by Mr. T:♥-M.G.

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