A New Favorite

...YEEHAW! Good day!
Today: I slept, rode a bike, ate ice cream & watched 'Die Hard'. I finally have a new favorite shirt and discovered that I am not very good at yodeling. Yodeling takes skill.Tonight Ima scheduled to work through Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final! Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Philly Flyers. While I'm 99.8% confident the Blackhawks will sweep the Flyers, I'm not so confident peeps can keep a lid on details of the game before I watch it. Tivo, don't fail me!


Anonymous said...

Let's go Hawks! Lets' go Hawks! Did you wear that same beer helmet from your shirt while watching recorded hockey?

M.G. said...'s for soda & my mom sold it at a rummage sale.