4 Month Anniversary

Today marks the 4th month anniversary of my vegetarianism + going to the gym on a regular basis. Virtual high five! All the while, I've been pretty gung-ho on consuming lots & lots of protein. You know, eating beans, almonds, stuff like an old school sailor would consume minus the whisky. Chim's reduced over half his body fat & I'm somehow the same. Highly discouraged & disgusted, I wanted to throw in the sweaty towel of despair. Chim had me meet with the head trainer/gym owner & I learned the reason i'm not Ms. Muscles is this: "Grace, it's apparent your body has been turning on itself & breaking down muscle mass for energy because you are nutrient deficient." Now I have vitamins a plenty. The End.

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Anonymous said...

That's why you must eat meat! Vitamins do not taste like a nice juicy burger... Mmmmmmm... I'm drooling....