Wasn't Willem Dafoe so good in Shadow of the Vampire?


A New Favorite

...YEEHAW! Good day!
Today: I slept, rode a bike, ate ice cream & watched 'Die Hard'. I finally have a new favorite shirt and discovered that I am not very good at yodeling. Yodeling takes skill.Tonight Ima scheduled to work through Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final! Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Philly Flyers. While I'm 99.8% confident the Blackhawks will sweep the Flyers, I'm not so confident peeps can keep a lid on details of the game before I watch it. Tivo, don't fail me!


Something To Smile About

Earlier Today:

Then I went to the Zoo,


Humidity 100%

It's supposed to rain all day and it happens to be my day off. So can you guess where I'm headed this morning?

Tumble Dry Low

...I needz new clothes for realz!
While thrifting is fun, sensible, and the responsible thing to do,
I lust after certain bits o' frock online every now & then.
I frequently peruse one of my most favorite shops on ebay,
Hellhound Vintage Boutique.

Then there's Modcloth...

Pinup Girl Clothing carries pretty sundresses.

And Plastic Land is another favorite.

Ze End. <3


This & That

Howdy Strangers (and friends o' course :-D)!

This made me laugh:

This made me cry:

This made me swoon:

This made me go "whaAaAaaaT?!":

This made me hungry:

This could definitely go on forever, but since life doesn't... I wish you a lovely weekend.


Word To Ya Mutha

( ゚▽゚) Happy Mother's Day, to all you(r) Moms, but especially mine. Our celebration included Ricky's homecoming, spaghetti, and some pretty serious salsa dancing Friday night. We even entered in a dance competition.The intensity of the eve is indicative by the unsightly condition of my feetskis. Each toe is adorned with a blister & the big toes look like skinned tomatoes. Saturday, I scoured every retail store in the area in search of the Eurythmics: Touch album to no avail. I ended up downloading it & doodling up the album cover art, 'cause my printer just didn't feel like working.Speaking of working, tomorrow is my first day at my new job...dun dun dun. In closing, here's important message brought to yous by Mr. T:♥-M.G.


4 Month Anniversary

Today marks the 4th month anniversary of my vegetarianism + going to the gym on a regular basis. Virtual high five! All the while, I've been pretty gung-ho on consuming lots & lots of protein. You know, eating beans, almonds, stuff like an old school sailor would consume minus the whisky. Chim's reduced over half his body fat & I'm somehow the same. Highly discouraged & disgusted, I wanted to throw in the sweaty towel of despair. Chim had me meet with the head trainer/gym owner & I learned the reason i'm not Ms. Muscles is this: "Grace, it's apparent your body has been turning on itself & breaking down muscle mass for energy because you are nutrient deficient." Now I have vitamins a plenty. The End.