A New Favorite Place In Chi

Greenberg did not disappoint one bit, as Liz & I are partial to Noah Baumbach. Stiller played a miserable, dark character well. The dialogue was very convincing. I give it a B! :-) What really blew me away is the new Showplace Icon Theatre! We had such an amazing experience. This theater should be in Hollywood (although I'm much happier it's here!). It had stylish modern decor, a dining, bar (drinks=unique & delicious), and lounge area. The bathrooms and lounge both offer spectacular views of the city. The entire building is immaculately clean, the theaters were built with state of the art sound and the finest picture quality, you even get to choose your seats. Free parking too! They serve a variety of hot teas at the concession area. I truly could go on and on, but isn't it bad enough my latest blog entry quickly turned into a yelp review of a theater?

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