Book It!

☆ Hello there! ☆
Ahh.. remember Pizza Hut's Book It! program from back in the day? Where they'd give out lists of required reading & gold stars upon completion of each book? But the incentive didn't stop there... if you accumulated 10 gold stars-you were awarded a free pizza! They need to get with the times & start doing that in the workplace for Chipotle burritos.
School season is nearly over which means we'll have oodles of time to collaborate & wrap up this guy's story this summer. Side note: investing in a digi-tablet would make life much easier! Drawring with a mouse can get pretty -insert colorful adjective here- frustrating. There's so much to learn about the whole publishing process, which is rumored to be more challenging than the actual production. We will see.
Stay tuned! (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)-M.G.


Anonymous said...

I dominated at Book It! And come to think of it... They need that program now! A lot of kids today don't like to or can't read very well, but they are fat and eat a lot!... Soooooo... Read and get a FREE pizza?!?! We'll have tons of intelligent fat kids!!! :D

-The Ghost-

M.G. said...

My Dear Ghost, smarts are important sure, but now i'm baffled as to why you didn't choose a friendlier handle name. "The Ghost" + anonymity kinda gives me the heeblie jeeblies. Why not "That Ghost" or "Ghostwriter" is even friendlier & associated with that terrible kids show. Why are you The Ghost?