Exercising can be a drag...especially running on a treadmill almost every single day of the week. I created a "Sport iMix" to keep me going & also bust out the occasional dance move. It originally had 16 tracks, but after publishing I found that only songs purchased via itunes would make the cut... d'oh! Which artist(s) or song(s) motivate you? Motörhead? La Bouche? KMFDM?

Aside from motivational music, it's also fun to wear goofy, encouraging t-shirts. Mmm..pastamania.
( ^‐^)_且~~Thanks for reading.



While experiencing a bad case of creative constipation, I'll go outside & start sketching clouds. Clouds are underrated earthly inspirations-countless patterns, shapes, and ideas are all out there waiting to be discovered. Maybe that sounds a bit corny, but it's fact. Definitely try it sometime.

...Good night ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆! -M.G.
Muscles - Ice Cream by TContheRadio


A Simple Plan

Hi! Yowza...another weekend already? This week has definitely flown by, I didn't even realize it was Friday until reminded twice.
I formulated a quick plan for this evening which was sparked from a cool photo of The Bean found a while back. The Bean looks exactly like the spaceship in Flight Of The Navigator. Doesn't it? Ad hoc planning also kept me busy as Chim is taking forever getting ready for the gym. Forever, ever? Yes.
Have a great weekend!-M.G.

Book It!

☆ Hello there! ☆
Ahh.. remember Pizza Hut's Book It! program from back in the day? Where they'd give out lists of required reading & gold stars upon completion of each book? But the incentive didn't stop there... if you accumulated 10 gold stars-you were awarded a free pizza! They need to get with the times & start doing that in the workplace for Chipotle burritos.
School season is nearly over which means we'll have oodles of time to collaborate & wrap up this guy's story this summer. Side note: investing in a digi-tablet would make life much easier! Drawring with a mouse can get pretty -insert colorful adjective here- frustrating. There's so much to learn about the whole publishing process, which is rumored to be more challenging than the actual production. We will see.
Stay tuned! (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)-M.G.


Mixed Messages

The majority of these photos came from the ole inspiration folder. And of these I created one- can you guess which? :-)

There's No "I" In "Peye"

Oh man, key lime is my all-time favorite! I love the smell, the taste, the color.


No Flash Photography Allowed

All enjoyed TSO! Prior to their sold-out performance, we chowed down on delicious Chicago style pizza. Then we rolled on over to the car to drop off leftovers & my camera. I found out *FLASH* photography wasn't allowed and my "it's better to be safe than sorry" attitude prompted me to leave my camera in the car. Why did I do that?! Anyhow, I lucked out 'cause my buddy Paul happened to be ballsy enough to bring his camera. Rather than patiently waiting for shared uploads, I felt compelled to share the viewpoint of my seat. Here's a sketch from memory 'cause it's a pretty funny one. True story.

Haha, so I may have exaggerated a bit.. the guy sitting in front of me wasn't realllly wearing a bow tie. Regardless of the seating, I had a jolly good time.


My Big Bro is Mr. Post-It

I check my brother's blog daily to see his latest doodles. To my surprise i find he drew me for his daily post-it. Neat! He probably chose red 'cause it isn't much of a challenge to make me blush. Ha! You should check it out, it's great stuff.


Later This Evening...

...Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be performing Beethoven's Last Night at the Chicago Theatre. And it will be AWESOME! I need to find out if cameras are allowed stat!


A New Favorite Place In Chi

Greenberg did not disappoint one bit, as Liz & I are partial to Noah Baumbach. Stiller played a miserable, dark character well. The dialogue was very convincing. I give it a B! :-) What really blew me away is the new Showplace Icon Theatre! We had such an amazing experience. This theater should be in Hollywood (although I'm much happier it's here!). It had stylish modern decor, a dining, bar (drinks=unique & delicious), and lounge area. The bathrooms and lounge both offer spectacular views of the city. The entire building is immaculately clean, the theaters were built with state of the art sound and the finest picture quality, you even get to choose your seats. Free parking too! They serve a variety of hot teas at the concession area. I truly could go on and on, but isn't it bad enough my latest blog entry quickly turned into a yelp review of a theater?


Winding Down

Going to see Greenberg with my BFF. It seems like it has the potential to be very good. Shortly afterward we're kicking off a wine & Wes (Anderson) limited weekend...everyone's invited! SOUL TRAAAAAIN!



As anticipated, Easter was delicious! It was perfect weather as we watched Natalie hunt like crazy for nearly 54 eggs & of course the golden egg. She picked out her own prizes at the store: a bag of flaming hots, ramen soup, and art supplies. I finally wore that festive egg dress I've been waiting all year to wear! We decorated 2 dozen eggs, made deviled eggs & painted a couple devil eggs. Liz, Mom & I wrapped up the evening with The Squid & The Whale.

Note: My Mom always finds the kookiest holiday decor. The End.


Macbook Blues

Alas! My macbook's currently on the brinks, kernel panicking again as of 2 days ago. I've fallen a bit behind. Since I'm home for Easter I fortunately still have use of an ole trusty PC from college. Sure, it's insanely slooowww, but it works.
Micachu & The Shapes played an amazing set! I had a crazy day. By the day's end, I dare say I became a savvy pro @ Chicago Transit. I also accidentally broke a rule of mine last night: "Don't get boozey when feelin' bluesy." Yes, I was an April Fool myself. I wasn't bluesy for that long, so no worries. Pics of show & other things to be uploaded later on flickr. Goodnight!


See Yous!

Woo hoo! I'm off to see the wizard...or music wizards.
SPOON/Deerhunter/Micachu & The Shapes at a favorite venue, the Aragon Ballroom. It's going to be a real gas! Here's why in one of the laziest haikus ever produced (more to come):
I like me some SPOON
Pretty much dig Deerhunter
I LOVE Micachu
Jealous? Truth be told I only know about one song each from Spoon & Deerhunter. Micachu & The Shapes are brilliant, young babies! I'll post photos when I visit my folks for an eggcellent easter weekend sure to be filled with multi-colored easter eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, eggwiches, crunchy chocolate eggs...oh me, oh my.

Wiedersehen, March!

(source: ?)
March hosted a ton of Chicago neighborhood exploration via foot, a lung infection which spanned 2 weeks, running, and much drawing. I ran nearly 40 miles this month and that's no April Fool's joke. I intend to transform drawings into completed paintings and work like a mofo busy bee. What are some of your goals for April?