Sweating To My Oldies Isn't Cutting It

Working out ain't easy. Sure, the results could be great- but all that work for some sign of change feels like an eternity. Glass windows of the gym are steamed up with human sweat beads, there are a ton of unwanted conversations with creepy old dudes waiting to be had, all must be endured. The thing that saves me is my ole trusty ipod combined with a giant pair of headphones, magazines & books won't work... so i need to make sure i have a decent playlist. My problem is somehow lately I find myself skipping through tracks that used to keep me fueled to the finish line. MSTRKRFT, QOTSA, Justice, Scissor Sisters, Motorhead aren't producing the same effect anymore, it seems i've developed some kind of immunity. I'm in dire need of some new tunes, please suggest something!
P.S. Here's a workout inspiration collage. ^_^!


Lizzy G. said...

"Muscle and hate
Muscle and hate
Muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle!"

Is this oldie still getting Play like Moby?

Mary Grace said...

i just added it back to my mix- good call, lizzy g.!