Today's Forecast: Hi-Highs & Lo-Lows!

Q. What do you get when you cross a dead rat & an empty bottle of hennessey on your way home on a sunny day?
A. Sweaty.
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After another flabulous weekend of indulgent consumption & loafing due to freakishly impossible mario world level 7.4,
finds us face-to-face with yet another weekly weigh-in day. This is the day when me & my workout partner, Papa Chim agree to measure our girth & publicly record it onto the kitchen calendar with a sharpie to track results. We were supposed to weigh in last night, but instead ate too many tacos. What suspense!


A Golden Ticket


What the ticket doesn't state is that Micachu & Deerhunter are also playing that show. It should be a good one! :-) I'm so excited I may run an extra mile at the gym, but probably will decide against it because I just devoured an entire bowl of super spicy frijole beans.
Smell you later,


Last Day Of Winter, d00d!

'Tis indeed officially the last day of winter, but as luck would have it- the weather has plummeted from the high 60s back into the frigid 30s. I took a couple o' snapshots of the newly sprouted spring flowers that may or may not make it this weekend. *sniff.. at least they'll last in a photograph. All in the meanwhile I've been pumping some iron for the last ten days!

Can you see the muscle forming? Can you? Soon I'll be winning arm wrestling tournaments from the west to the east coast. While I was scouring the joint for a vintage Hulkamania shirt, I instead ran across a lovely tiger sundress at my local thrift store. Also pictured is my new 7 ft. bat kite Mom recently gifted me. (*_*) Thanks, Guz!

....bring it!!!


Bunnies, Where Are You?

The weather is spring enough in my neck of the woods, but I haven't seen one bunny yet! How mysterious!
Naturally, I felt the need to present a parade of bunny photos...
Crap. I have noticed a ton of cats running around the hood as of late. :-/


Sew! What?

Baseball season is upon us. I personally find sports (except the olympics) rather boring to watch on the tube, but going to an actual game: the energy, crowd, food, beer, music, cheering---it's fun! I'm attempting to sew a hooded dress inspired by a classic baseball. I've never sewn anything in my life before, sew it's going to be a challenge.
Wouldn't it be pretty sweet to have talking worker mice as help? -Grace
P.S. Beware the Ides of March...


Observation Of The Week

...goes to Liz! Congratulations, Liz!

She pointed out to me that many attractive people resemble lions. And by golly, she's right.

Colds Suck

Let me tell you, colds are the pits! Getting sick when as a kid was fun. It meant no school, unlimited TV, music. Blah. Getting sick now means confinement. This eve I sat on das butt and watched Das Boot, Frost V. Nixon, and Erin Brocollivich whilst chugging tea kettles full of green tea & miso soup. Gurgle.


♪ Fa-Fa-Fa-Friday ♪

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Mixed Reviews

I had mussels for the first time at Olive Garden last night! They were smothered in buttery, white wine goodness-
I must admit although they were quite chewy and delicious, I felt kinda guilty eating them. At the gym I quickly realized that buttered mussels didn't enhance the total workout experience, but it could have been the wine, breadsticks, or butter sauce that slowed me down. Take care & note: Consuming mussels will not give you muscles.

P.S. I decided it's a fine afternoon to catch a matinee of Alice In Wonderland. It's been failing my ole faithful cross-rating check method. I usually wait a week or two if a movie comes out that I'm not 100% keen on seeing. This method consists of simply comparing both ratings given on rottentomatoes.com + imdb reviews= *_*.


Spring Forward

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Sweating To My Oldies Isn't Cutting It

Working out ain't easy. Sure, the results could be great- but all that work for some sign of change feels like an eternity. Glass windows of the gym are steamed up with human sweat beads, there are a ton of unwanted conversations with creepy old dudes waiting to be had, all must be endured. The thing that saves me is my ole trusty ipod combined with a giant pair of headphones, magazines & books won't work... so i need to make sure i have a decent playlist. My problem is somehow lately I find myself skipping through tracks that used to keep me fueled to the finish line. MSTRKRFT, QOTSA, Justice, Scissor Sisters, Motorhead aren't producing the same effect anymore, it seems i've developed some kind of immunity. I'm in dire need of some new tunes, please suggest something!
P.S. Here's a workout inspiration collage. ^_^!

( ゚▽゚)/My Other Olympic Crush

...Quatchi!!! The super-adorable, Canadian Sasquatchian mascot.

オ(・ェ・)ヤ(・ェ-)ス(-ェ・)ミ(-ェ-)。o○Zzz… And goodnight!