Yikes-it's been such an emo-weekend! Ask around & you'll find that I'm pretty terrible at goodbyes. This weekend there were two! I had to bid farewell to my little cousin Jimmy- who landed in Afghanistan Friday. Then, it was adieu to Rickles (baby brother), he left for IU Bloomington campus yesterday afternoon. We shared a nice dinner together & great conversation sparked by bizarre fortune cookie messages: "Wow! A secret message for your teeth!" followed by the tale of Liz's fortune: "Eat more protein. OK- Go!" Friday we chowed down at the Fish Fry---where the grilled lake perch was comparable to fish jerky. Afterward we rushed back to the casa with the aid of a merlot wine cube & sharpies to create several posters for Liz's Haiti fundraiser. Several of my sayings were vetoed at dinner time. I wanted to have fun.. "Give Lovey To Haiti" "Donate $2 To Haiti Or Go To Hades" "Donate Scrilla To Help Pay Haiti's Billa", but ultimately we went with Liz's winning phrase:"Dress Down To Help Haiti Up". Saturday morning we caught a matinee of "Shutter Island" & then Rickles set sail to Bloomington.

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Ricky said...

Those were funny fortunes. Also really when you think about it I feel lucky because we really aren't missing anything. We can still talk and that's what I like most about you. It's how freely we can talk about anything except for tales from the crypt. Love you