Keepin' Classy @ Ze Art Institute of Chicago

We rushed to the art museum since Thursdays they stay open till 8pm & best of all it's FREEE! But then I quickly learned the entire month of February is always free. I wonder if I could live there? :-) Anyhow, I took so many photos. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. It's funny how the modern wing of any art museum never fails to inspire me. It's impossible to anticipate what will be on display, be it a superglued drawer handle on a canvas, a giant orange square, a broken ladder, a blank canvas... which reminds me that art is an expression & anything goes.

Afterward, Mom took Liz & I out to the Redhead Piano Bar. It was a riot, although next time I know to bring a beatin' stick to fend off all the drooling wolfmen that kept coming around my Mama... seriously. The bartender kept encouraging us to request songs & who doesn't love live piano music? I instinctively requested Scissor Sisters "Take Your Mama Out", in exchange I received a confused look. Joke's on them... I had the cd in the car.

This is sort of related & goofy.

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