Fitness Trainers... Pffft!

My Mom & i had our first initial fitness assessment. I regrettably was measured by the trainer's wretched fat calipers. The results were unbelievably bad! 39%?! I asked him to repeat that. There's no way in sam hain that's possible-i'm 5'8 & 139 lbs. Not the fittest cat to roam the gym, but certainly not half of me is fat. After my reported results, my Mom refused to have her body fat measurement taken. Who wants pizza?


Plans For Halloween... Already?

Liz suggested we go as Gilligan & The Skipper. I vote yes.



Yikes-it's been such an emo-weekend! Ask around & you'll find that I'm pretty terrible at goodbyes. This weekend there were two! I had to bid farewell to my little cousin Jimmy- who landed in Afghanistan Friday. Then, it was adieu to Rickles (baby brother), he left for IU Bloomington campus yesterday afternoon. We shared a nice dinner together & great conversation sparked by bizarre fortune cookie messages: "Wow! A secret message for your teeth!" followed by the tale of Liz's fortune: "Eat more protein. OK- Go!" Friday we chowed down at the Fish Fry---where the grilled lake perch was comparable to fish jerky. Afterward we rushed back to the casa with the aid of a merlot wine cube & sharpies to create several posters for Liz's Haiti fundraiser. Several of my sayings were vetoed at dinner time. I wanted to have fun.. "Give Lovey To Haiti" "Donate $2 To Haiti Or Go To Hades" "Donate Scrilla To Help Pay Haiti's Billa", but ultimately we went with Liz's winning phrase:"Dress Down To Help Haiti Up". Saturday morning we caught a matinee of "Shutter Island" & then Rickles set sail to Bloomington.


Spring Please!

C'mon spring! I can't handle any more grey skies! I do enjoy the snow, the big beautiful snowflakes, iceskating, soups, some winter olympics (short track speed skating in particular <3)'s the dirt, sloppy mush, dry skin, static, lack of sunshine & bitter cold temperatures that tire me of winter.

Fish Have Feelings Too

Rach & I visited a Paint-N-Party store...


Birthday de Bachan

Dearest Bachan,
You are 17 years old today & one of the sweetest things to have ever grace the planet. You've taught me words of wisdom & raised me with kindness. You taught me that my belly button should not be bothered, that one day I would appreciate the popular show M*A*S*H, that the theme music to Bonanza means it's dinner time, that peanut butter + banana= delicious combination, to keep classy, but most importantly, follow my dreams. Tanjoubi omedetou! I love you with all my heart. XOX, Mary Grace


4 Score & 7 Years Ago...

'Twas 7 years ago I painted my very first commissioned portrait of Christopher Walken. Memories. *Sniffle*
You may ask yourself- why is Christopher Walken dressed as a bishop? You may tell yourself, he's not. I used his character Max Shreck as reference from Batman Returns, of course. Batman Returns-whatta cool movie! I loved their costumes so much I went as Catwoman 2 or most likely 3xs for Halloween & to this day I still thrift for suits that Selina Kyle would wear to the office.

Hey Hey Hey It's Fat Tuesday


Music Monday?

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Hello! It's Monday! The sky is gray and the heavy air is saturated with snowflakes & diesel.
I thought for the heck of it I'd make a presidential playlist- since we're all suckers for alliterative phrases. Then I quickly
realized the limited potential for such a list- Peaches? Lump? Although those are fine songs, no thanks.


The Wolfman

Neat design by Ames Bros., eh? Dad's a HUGE universal monster movie fan. He even collected all the creature models as a boy- we're off to go catch a matinee of the new Wolfman flick. I hope the plot isn't too hairy.


Cabin Fever Measuring in at 100.3

These images are both from my inspiration folder.

Eh...I'm also starting to feel a bit stir crazy & kookier than usual, so today I'm off to take a mini road trip with my good friend Rachel (Aka Bea)-I nickname peeps like a mofo.


This Project Blows

Literally, not figuratively of course. Actually, it was pretty fun. Despite being a single gal, I decided to be a good sport and make valentines with funky bubble imprinted envelopes to mail them off to unsuspecting friends & family. This process included a few of my favorite things: black tea & cookies (great for white teeth btw), food coloring, a straw, paper & bubbles. Wheeeee! You mix up food coloring with soap bubbles, blow until you get a mountain of bubblies & let them all pop onto the envelope, paper, whatever you like. See b'low.


Eye Told You So!

Modern art really does inspire me! I had to paint something before I could sleep peacefully.


Keepin' Classy @ Ze Art Institute of Chicago

We rushed to the art museum since Thursdays they stay open till 8pm & best of all it's FREEE! But then I quickly learned the entire month of February is always free. I wonder if I could live there? :-) Anyhow, I took so many photos. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. It's funny how the modern wing of any art museum never fails to inspire me. It's impossible to anticipate what will be on display, be it a superglued drawer handle on a canvas, a giant orange square, a broken ladder, a blank canvas... which reminds me that art is an expression & anything goes.

Afterward, Mom took Liz & I out to the Redhead Piano Bar. It was a riot, although next time I know to bring a beatin' stick to fend off all the drooling wolfmen that kept coming around my Mama... seriously. The bartender kept encouraging us to request songs & who doesn't love live piano music? I instinctively requested Scissor Sisters "Take Your Mama Out", in exchange I received a confused look. Joke's on them... I had the cd in the car.

This is sort of related & goofy.


"Wabbit, Wabbit!"

This is for those superstitious ones familiar with the ole saying, "Rabbit, Rabbit" upon waking on the first of each new month. It was also brought to my attention that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month. I shan't be participating in either, although I do love bunnies. Once upon a time my Mom rescued an albino bunny we called Thumper. I know I score an F+ for originality on the name, but I was only 5 back then.