Goala Bears

Today my BFF & I tried to come up with a list of TEN different goals, since it's 2o1o. As you can see I've only picked to share eight. The other two are too silly to mention. Tis the Year of the Tiger & there's 349 days left to accomplish many, many things. We both want to teach and/or visit Japan. I need to learn how to sew! We both want our own places again. My poor Mom lovingly suggested last week that I try out & I busted out crying. Haha..jeez. So I'm definitely focusing on my independence & embracing single living for a while. This year I aim to become a soup guru. And finally, I'm going to take a tip from's time to quit being shy & crank out some friggin' music projects. It's time to break out the kazoo. The End.

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