Nights Like These

Days like these really make me so happy to be back in my old hood! I've been blessed with the greatest friends & a fun-loving family. I had another evening filled with conversation, games, catfish, & some good tunes.
Papa Chim (AKA Dad) was balderdashed into listening to some new music. "Hey Chim, did you know the singer of Modey Lemon happens to be George Thorogood's nephew?" He fell for it & I was able to listen to recently introduced of it anyway. What can I say, I can be pretty darn good at Balderdash? Har har. We're off to get bluesy @ the Chicago Bluegrass + Blues festival. Béla Fleck and the Flecktones are headlining tonight! They've always been a favorite of mine. When I was about eight, I first fell in love with Victor Wooten's bass guitar version of Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite- he played it on Bozo the Clown's show.
^_^ Happy Saturday! -MG

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