It's Been A Minute...

I started dabbling around with acrylics again. See my colorful mess?
So far I like how the cartoon clown is turning out most.
I plan to paint a series of stereotypes, since those can be fun. I better be careful to steer clear of the touchy ones though. In each conversation bubble will be the character's stereotype. (An athlete will rattle on about sports, a clown will rap about kids, etc.) If you have suggestions, please send 'em!
(A favorite smile <3)


Premiere of Up

Since Hollywood Boulevard is such a lively locale for people watching, we usually venture out Sundays for afternoon strolls. Middays the tourist crowd easily outnumbers those Hollywood club rats :-). To our surprise Hollywood Boulevard happened to be blocked off for the world premiere of the much anticipated animated feature, Up. What an amazing set up! The boulevard was thoroughly decked out with hundreds of colorful balloons. Rather than rolling out the classic red carpet they instead used grassy, green astroturf. Up foam letters filled the sky, we even spotted a blimp in the distance with an Up ad. They really went all out. My brother, Aaron has been working very hard on this film.

We're all very proud & anxious to see it. In fact, after walking into this- I almost ran back to the apartment for a disguise to pass myself off as a press member & spent a couple hours dreaming up multiple schemes to sneak our way into the premiere. Rational thought shortly kicked in as Ula reminded me that we had tickets for the evening midnight show. So colorful & fun, the artwork & story is incredible, can't wait to see it!