Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favoriteeee! Per usual- I do everything last minute from costume construction, to pumpkin carving, but holiday rushing around-abouts are fun.


Skunk Asumption (Formerly Dear Neighbor "Linda" Post)

Dear Linda,
It's been about 3 weeks since we first met in the hot tub.
I sipped my beer & politely nodded as you divulged an entire lifetime.
I thought you were peculiar, nice, but you shared too much. After 10 minutes of
monologue, you transformed from stranger into a bipolar-lesbian-protestant-grandmother from the south. You spoke of your ex-husbands along with several other tales from your life, but what really sparked my interest is how you used to keep a skunk as a domestic pet in Alabama. You said you had a vet cut its stink sack warning that it would alter the temperment of the skunk. Your beloved pet then grew more unpredictable & mean, forcing you let it go back into the wild.

Curiously, a few days later, nearly every other hour- strong skunk odors have been coming through the windows & walls- so what are the odds of you capturing a new pet? If you do happen to have another pet skunk... I wonder if you chase it around all day constantly scaring it? The smell is so pungent, it lingers. I hate complaining, but we don't have air conditioning, none of the residents here do for that matter. Even with the windows sealed shut, the odor still seeps through. I bet there have been over a dozen complaints filed already... { and the letter carries on...}

***Update: The DEA came to the complex, busted into a guy's apartment one floor down. He's growing 70 marijuana plants! The mystery is solved! He just moved in a couple weeks ago & has a permit to grow the stuff as medicinal, as he supplies local clinics. The smell is horrid. Why is he allowed to run a business from a condo complex & constantly burn it? Why doesn't he rent out a warehouse? He must be a very cheap hippie.


Rabbit, Rabbit!

<--- I sort of made a shirt for my Dad's birthday present. I say 'sort of' , which means half-assed, since I didn't design the bear, but I did slap the fierce text & colors together. Anyway, everywhere I go Dad always has the same request (burly man voice), "Hey G, pick me up a shirt with the state's team name on it or something." And I'm like, "Ok, DAD! You got it!" WELL- this time i made my own shirt design to print off cafepress for his birthday. I hope he wears it.

At any rate, I hope everyone remembered to recite the words "Rabbit, rabbit!" the first thing as you woke up this morn. :-) If you didn't- I'm sure you know what THAT means... Dun, dun, dunnnn!!! It's just another silly superstition.

Unrelated, my brother informed earlier of this story: -a 20 year old man was decapitated by a fellow passenger on a bus with a pocket knife in Canada. He knew it'd upset me, so he followed the story with a lighter hearted story, the fattest cat in the world newsbreak. This cat happens to be 44 lbs. Thanks, Rickles.