La Vie En Pictures & Videos

...Ack! So much has happened! I finished up a great spring semester at Indiana University with A's and one B+. Fortunately, saw one the best bands in the universe, 'Of Montreal' accompanied by my super awesome niece.

Pete & I flew a plane...and survived! Srsly.
Then I packed up a bag to fly out to Vegas to celebrate with some good friends at their combined bachelor/bachelorette party. The Cirque du Soleil, Beatles "Love" show... 'twas extraordinary!

I even took notes in the dark while watching the performance in order to recall details later. I elbowed the couple next to me to share Eleanor Rigby is/was/always will be one of my most favoritest songs. In short, the show was an unforgettable, mega-sensory, overloading-experience! <---how's that for adjectives?

After Vegas, I set sail for beautiful Nor-Cal...specifically Alameda, California (my new home!)- decided to move (see video). No mo' col' bone chilling Chicago/Northwest Indiana winters. You hear that ole man winter?! ::shaking fist:: No mo' frozen toes for this schmoe...unless adventure beckons us to ski or climb Everest soon or unless some crazy sci-fi thing happens here (warm toes and fingers crossed whilst knocking on faux wooden desk).

Thankfully, Pete accompanied me for the move via Roadtrip Route 66, we fell in love,  got engaged to be married on Halloween, and stayed in a hotel shaped like an Egyptian pyramid, which almost brings us up-to-date, but not quite <3.

For those of you who don't know the story of Pete, here's the abridged version:
We met nearly 15 years ago @ a Marilyn Manson show in Chicago. At the time, I was a disgruntled freshman attending catholic high school (*_*). We dated two short months or so and after I realized I still wanted to be a kid, play Starfox and eat bagel bites, we remained friends throughout life going to haunted houses, catching an occasional movie, working the Body Worlds exhibit and awkwardly running into each other at Borders bookstore. By the way, I still love Starfox, but it works very well now since we're both perpetual kids that enjoy playing video games 'n' whatever else together.
I always feared a great love story was doomed to inevitably become some cliche, unattainable, Hollywood-invented deal... the whole "You just know" when you're with the one... it's completely real, I tells ya! I can't even muster up the right words to profess how happy I am to share that Peteski was my first kiss & will be my last kiss. He makes me fall in love with life daily and time again. And there you have it,  probably the most mushiest thoughts I'll ever share on the interweb (warm toes and fingers crossed).


Preparations for Snowpocalypse 2011

Ha, I love how it says, "Today- Snow/Wind", Tonight... "Blizzard".


♥ All Smiles ♥