~~~A Post That's Not Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, But Involves Sailing~~~

This is a brilliantly done stop-motion music video:

 Bonus! Here's an awesome, sea-related photograph too ;-) :


Post Mortem: Ressurection of Le Blog de Mi SoloCheese

I'm trying to resuscitate this poor ol' blog. Jeepers. Why is maintaining this thing so friggin' difficult, I wonder? I can think of some probable challenges and solutions should any of you be facing a similar crisis. Here's a survey. Read through to answer Yes or No or Both or Neither:
a) Have you a smart phone?
I've an old hand me down Samsung phone (how embarrassing for the both of us).
It doesn't connect to the inter web. :-(.
b) Invest in a new computer with sufficient memory. The ole trusty Macbook is on it's last leg, going on 7 years young.
The memory of a additional external hard drive was maxed out last year, and just running an application such as Photoshop or even loading a web page takes foreverrr- and a minute. Then the poor thing's fan runs, which leads me to the conclusion that I've been unintentionally killing it softly.
c) Start leaving Post-it reminders all over! At the risk of coming off an OCD case, or if you're comfortable in your own skin, create Photoshop reminders feat. Uncle Sam pointing guiltily towards yourself and unsuspecting readers, with a simple message, "I WANT YOU TO BLOG NOW". Maybe one with Jesus, a version with a relative that scares you and/or a Stegosaurus or kitten with a party hat, whatever creature or typography you fancy,  it's all for some much needed entertaining, but dramatic, creative pressure 'round here. If you come up with any good ones, share em. You wouldn't want to make me Photoshop a threatening a Pseudo-Uncle Octo-Sam Mutant, fluorescent laser eyes, disgusting miller lite, stink lines and the most effective part- his monstrous tentacle aimed right at your face to remind you to share, now would you?
d) Maybe it's a light case of the blues or WORSE...a spell of laziness. Either one it is, assess and destroy those problems. The blues suck and laziness is GROSS. Laziness clearly cannot be the case, as I spend most of my time working + commuting to work. Besides aren't working and lazying total opposite of each other? 
e) Ack! I took the survey, all of the above reasons are valid. Overwhelming even...
Time to kick it into survival mode gear. Creative constipation is the absolute WORST. It's worse than the real deal of constipation and a hemorrhoid. I know from experience ;-). That's what post-injury meds + stress do to a human body. Time to drink mo' fiber, pick up an old fashioned paper sketchbook and doodle the rest of the day away, 'cause that's what you do post-car accident. You rerax. :-) -M.G.


Sundays are for Loafers!

(Note: I grabbed this animated gif from way back when. I'm no sleuth, but it looks like the source may or may not be from an alien that goes by alias "IWDRM". Either that or a person with an insanely long name created the gif and those happen to be his/hers initials. )
Ahhh...Aren't Sundays are the absolute BEST to loaf around when possible, whenever possible (*_*)?


(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) Holy Mackeral, Batman!

            The countdown lead to this past Halloween. I wasn't a shark, candy corn, rainbow, I was an actual bride! Today, I'm a wife to one of my very best friends, Pete (Peteski). He is Mister Amazing! <3
Sure, I shoulda posted sooner, but so much has been going on around here.
How the heck do I capture all the excitement?! Typing in all CAPS just won't cut it.

                We married at San Francisco City Hall in the afternoon. His parents were there, brother, and Harvey Milk (in the background). Other small wedding parties dressed in Chicken Suits, Zombie brides and grooms, Can-can girls, so I was able to get over the whole "is-my-dress-OK?" anxiety situation pretty swiftly.
                                                               We did eet!
                          And if that isn't 'nuff exciting news, I found out the next day I got the job!
                        I'd been applying since 2009! It's been a dream to work there. Har, har, har.
                    All jokes aside, it really is a dream come true. I'm surrounded by down to earth folks in a beautiful place that are brimming with talent and passion! There hasn't been a boring day &
I'm incredibly happy.

11 days, Mwhalala!

Tomorrow-we're skeedaddling to San Francisco City Hall for our marriage application and an early weekend rendezvous (which is the new code word for a winning burrito + ferry ride combination). <3-M.G.